Sunday, 10 July 2011

Some Google AdSense Ads Promote Scams

Although the frequency may be reduced, you will sometimes misleading ads on Google search results or even sites that are part of the Google AdSense program (like that).
What is even more surprising is the fact that advertisers can use AdSense Google AdWords to promote related products, which are just scams. Take a look at the final screen of the Google homepage is a query as a popular "AdSense".

All Google ads you see in the screenshot above for a promise to provide "AdSense" a sum of money.

75% Referrals Tell Googlers Hypocrites On Facebook

A few weeks ago, many Googlers off their Facebook account to make a statement about the lack of privacy and "openness" of social networking site. I thought it would be fun to see how SEOs think about this decision.

AdSense Revenue Poll Update

The survey we pray in the sidebar of this week asking how many bloggers from Adsense last month. To date, 295 players voted (thank you everyone!) I'll let it run until the end of March during which I will give you a complete count and nice little graph.

It 'clear that a distinct pattern is emerging - more than half of bloggers read ProBlogger earn less than $ 3 per day with Adsense. In addition, 14% did not use the system at all.

These are the kinds of results that I expected - the anecdotal evidence was gathered through conversations with bloggers in recent months has made it clear that very few bloggers with AdSense were only a few dollars a day of it. However, these results also show that some bloggers are actually making money from their blogs significant (9% more than $ 1000 per month and 2% over $ 10,000).

It is my goal to make some changes to these figures - I wish the ProBlogger readers get their monthly income figures in the triple and quadruple in the coming months.

Update: In addition to the numbers that you have already indicated that you used - I would be interested if readers would give a clue in the comments below (anonymously if you wish) on the percentage increase or decrease you seen in your monthly salary in recent months.

I'll write a message in the coming days will be based on this information and I will share some of my own figures for profit - but in the meantime I am interested to hear how your AdSense earnings have changed in recent months, which are willing to share.

9 Tips I Used To Triple My AdSense Income In 30 Days

In this article I will share with you tips and tricks that I used the Triple AdSense earnings every month.

1. I added the units to my site

Daily tips and tricks in writing a daily blog my biggest websites in terms of traffic. They receive almost one million page views per month (combined). Although I was not using AdSense on them, especially because the direct model was the sponsorship works relatively well.

A few months ago, I decided to load the AdSense sites, however, and the results were very positive. About 70% of the thrust generated by me my income comes from these two sites. At the same time, I managed to keep the other monetization methods work very well, and no reader has complained about the announcements of new (later).

Even if your blog is already making money with direct sponsors and affiliate marketing, so you might still able to increase revenues by adding some strategic AdSense units.

2. I added to my units of small websites

How many webmasters do, I have a series of small sites scattered around the network. Some are free-hosted platforms like Blogger, and others have not abandoned the site long. Most of these sites still get traffic, however. Not much, but combined with the numbers to get a decent.

I thought the addition of AdSense units to all these sites could give a little money, and I was right. The main reason is that since they are abandoned sites and they have loyal visitors, who can place the units very aggressively. The result was a high clickthrough rate (CTR), which compensates for small levels of traffic.

Do not underestimate the revenue potential of small websites, especially if you are ready to place AdSense units aggressively.

3. I used major units

If you want to make money with AdSense will inevitably need to use one of these units: 336 × 280 large rectangle, 300 × 250 rectangle, 120 × 600 skyscraper, or a large 728 × 90 Leaderboard.

Every time I tried to use smaller units, the results were disappointing. Although I would have invested aggressively in a CTR was too low.

All four units mentioned above can produce good results, but the best performance is by far the 336 × 280 large rectangle, and I use it to promote my income.

4. I put the units above the fold

My first test was to place 336 × 280 large rectangle between the post and the comments section of my blogs. The results were good. I decided to try to place them under the title after a week, and blew up the CTR. In fact, I have yet to find a combination of location / unit that will beat a 336 × 280 units following job titles.

I knew this rule, but I think I needed to try to get confirmation. The rule is: if you want to make money with Google AdSense, you must place your units above the fold.

5. I have focused on organic traffic

My biggest concern with the addition of a large unit AdSense just below my job titles, was that some of the faithful readers might be angry with her. While I knew that the loyal readers are ad blind very quickly and most of my money would come from organic visitors (ie people who come through search engines at my post).

To resolve this problem, I decided to publish the large rectangle only on messages of more than seven days (work Why WordPress plugin). Worked like a charm, as faithful readers do not realize the ad units when they are browsing through my recent posts, organic and visitors often see the ads because they usually land on the most in seven days .

6. I started using AdSense for search

I was not sure how much money I would be able to do with AdSense for search, but I was not satisfied with search results provided by WordPress, so I decided to give it a try anyway .

At the moment I do about $ 60 per month with AdSense for search. Not much, but if the amount is more than a year comes to about $ 720. On top of that search results are relevant for you, so it's a win-win situation.

7. I started using AdSense for feeds

Another product I decided to try AdSense AdSense for feeds has been one. I have chosen to display ads on sites less than my knowledge (you can also put them on top, but this would be too intrusive in my opinion). Here the results were quite good, both in CTR and earnings.

You obviously need a large number of RSS subscribers to do the job, but I think even a few thousand subscribers, which can make $ 100 a month for feed ads.

8. I played the section targeting

Section targeting is a feature of AdSense that allows you to offer specific sections of your site to be used when matching ads. You can read more about it here.I found the niche and small websites can target section using a lot. Fair was to show Google ads on these independent sites, because there was not enough pages. After using the section targeting, I have managed to increase ad relevance and therefore CTR.

9. I tested with different colors and fonts

If you have enabled image ads and text on your devices, you must be able to customize the colors and fonts. I did some experiments with these two factors, and this helped to increase the number. Nothing dramatic, but it was well worth my time.

You just have to follow your CTR for a few weeks. Then change the color or the font and follow for one week, see if you can beat the original CTR. If you can, keep the new format. If performance dropped, try a new color or font, and track the CTR for another week until you find the optimal combination.

On my sites the best results came to ad units merge with the look of the site, but some sites with contrasting colors are better, so testing is a must.

How Does Google AdSense For Feeds?

About 2 months, I've been running Google AdSense for feeds is a couple of blogs, including this one. Unfortunately, the results are not as attractive as you might expect.

Although we can not share the real numbers, such as CPM or CTR, I think I can say that they are much lower than AdSense for Content Page CTR / eCPM factors of 4-5.

AdSense for feeds

Yet, if you have a monthly income of RSS subscriptions can still be significant. My did not break $ 100 barrier, and I think it will take many months to get it.

So I think, for publishers, with a few hundred subscribers, which could be almost negligible almost useless. There are advertisers and less on the network as well.

Is anyone out there significant results AdSense for feeds?