Monday, 4 July 2011

Google History

Google History -

Effective Way To Use Google Trends / Adsense

Without further ado, provides the strategy:

Step 1: Find a hot trend, go to Google and type in Google Trends

Step 2: Go to Google AdWords Keyword Tool

Step 3: Enter the main keyword in your pattern you want to go after and seek the highest cost per click of your term development. Add your AdSense code in the top of the plost blog.

Step 4: Take the keyword and the blog theme you have chosen, is a blog hosting service, or if you are buying. Info for $ 1.00

Step 5: Bookmark your story on or bookmark this with all the popular sites hosting as,, and

Step 6: Make a YouTube video on the subject and provide crucial questions about history, for example, if your subject is about a problem new cell phone, asking questions in your videos that viewers want to click on your blog so: Does the phone ______ new value for your money? How to new_____ phone ____.

You get the idea?

Step 7: Take the brands that people look for the trend and add them to your YouTube video tags. I have received thousands of views in the day by doing this.

Step 8: Make sure that your payment is keyword term high in your blog title, description and tags.

Step 9: Ping your blog at least once a day

Step 10: Repeat until successful

Even if you blog about three stories a day and use your personality in your blog, you can actually have something that people love to read. Make your content interesting and fun and watch the traffic roll in time