Thursday, 30 June 2011

10 Tips For Google AdSense Bloggers And Website Owners

Google AdSense is the program most used Earn Money Online. Some people are making thousands of others left empty-handed. I had an Adsense site, and some of them there is still earning me a few dollars a day. And that too without working room in my side. Great is not. Although I moved on to other things, Adsense can still prove to be a great tool for those new to making money online field.

Here are some tips to remember on AdSense for all new businesses and extract the same. They may seem easy at first, but you'll find that despite the fact that very few people use them. Then go over them and improve your AdSense revenue.

AdSense Google Adsense Tips 10 Tips for bloggers and website owners

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Ignore paying keywords:
This is the first thing I want to tell you to write. United adsense money managers are not doing a $ 3 per click, 4 shots per day. But I'm one of making $ 0.2 per click 100 clicks per day. So, to avoid the return of the gold rush of high paying AdSense keywords and focus on a relatively low paying ones that are much less competition.

The more the better ... the content:
Believe me, Google is very partial. They show the door open to everyone, but are partial to sites that are larger and have more content. So instead of 4 site with 10 pages of content, rather than making a site with four different categories.

The balance and content of ads above the fold:
Avoid what some marketers call "in-your-face ads" and instead to maintain a reasonable balance between content and ads above the fold. A rough estimate of the area of ​​content and 70% of the area 30% for the ads would perfectly. But again, it depends on the domain area as well.

Using Smart Positioning:
Place Link Ads near the navigation menu. Use block ads near the feature article. Use Link Ads in your sidebar. Use vertical scale advertisements in the sidebar. Use short ads Banner Image near the comments section of your blog. - What I've done here is put an ad that matches the given part of the site. While avoiding ads directly below the title line, and Image and Google seems to punish such acts.

DPP works to the extent that they are mixed with the original content:
DPP or the free content available online for the publication of any credit can be used in your website to run Adsense. Google does not penalize you for it, as long as they blend well with the original content. I can not confirm an exact relationship itself, but a PLR of 60% and 40% of which would be a reasonable estimate. However, to avoid the PLR ​​are too repetitive and appears throughout the Internet. Therefore, reduce the task of adding content to the half. Now you can take the time to write after more quality.

Grey Hat methods of work ... but in the short term only:
Grey Hat techniques are just testing the algorithm and its use Google to get more of the traffic of Google. These methods work, but only until Google changed the algorithm, which is more often now a days.

Blend your ads or lose money opportunities:
Nothing new here. Google allows you to mix the colors of your ads on your website. Use, especially the color denoted for links to your site and your ads. Avoid high contrast color of the ad, they differ in the visitor's eye and soon you will have an ad blindness.

Magic Color Blue:
Internet users are used to clicking on the blue as a hyperlink. It is therefore advisable if you have your website and ads hyperlink in blue. It has more to do with how the mind thinks and learns of a process by partnering with some memory. Therefore, a color proof made people like the color blue more favorable to the links. Why not stay with her. This works best if the background is white on the side.

Search Engine Optimization:
Finally, the SEO stuff. Never stop optimizing your site. It's a cut throat competition. Google has a say, and who will decide the fate of your blog. The competition over SERPs, make sure to retain the advantage of onsite and offsite SEO techniques.

Try advertising targeting:
This is a good way to dictate what ads would block you posted on the site. This works best when you have an ad block between two pieces. Now the key is to use the two pieces and sprinkle a few keywords that you want to view ads. Remember not to put too many keywords will otherwise harm your site.

There you have 10 tips. Hope that helps. Have a Nice Day