Saturday, 18 June 2011

Why Google (AdSense) Is So Incredibly Rich?

In the zeal of greater transparency in Google AdSense, AdSense was sharing revenue from its two main products of AdSense:
  • AdSense for Content
  • AdSense for search.
Failure: Google takes 32% of the high turnover announces AdSense for publishers (AdSense is put in place), 49% of the research partners. In other words, over one third of the money that feeds the advertising systems Google ads that are everywhere, ending up with Google. Google is not saying that what the court announced in mobile applications, fonts and games, but I guess it's in the same order.

In any case, as we see Google increasingly as the company of fairies Android and Chrome, telephones and future developments Airy's easy to forget the power of Google Gadget in the world is money and money comes from advertising. It's easy to talk about Google, Apple and Microsoft in the same and the same words, and rightly so, that compete more directly every day, and the conflict is really a clash of giants. Basically, however, the young giant is a completely different species.

Microsoft Filing A Complaint Against Google, The EU Is A Research

Microsoft Corp (MSFT) filed a formal complaint with European antitrust regulators if dominance of Google Inc. (GOOG) 's market research on the Internet in the region.

Google bars competitors access to its video site YouTube for the results of research and kept the phones running the Microsoft operating system to function properly with YouTube, Redmond, Washington-based Microsoft said in a blog General Counsel Brad Smith.

Unit of Microsoft and the other two competitors last year, complained to the European Union, which examines whether Google violated antitrust laws in the region. Google is under increasing pressure of global regulatory bodies, which are investigating whether the company has used its dominance to stifle competition in Web Search.

"Today, our production will focus on a model that Google has taken actions to consolidate its dominant position in the market for online search and advertising research to the detriment of European consumers," Smith wrote in message blog.

While Microsoft and Yahoo have teamed up about a quarter of the U.S. search market and the rest, Google has nearly 95 percent market share in Europe, Smith said, citing data from the regulations.

Google "not surprised" that Microsoft has complained that his unit because of advertising, Bing Ciao, filed a complaint last year, said Al Verney, Google spokesman in Brussels.
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