Saturday, 25 June 2011

Google Adsense Sign Up Procedure

Now you can easily run ads from an external ad provider like Bidvertiser, Yahoo etc and such a way you can get a great revenue from it. Google Adsense gives you great revenue by ads advertising. The right procedure to sign up in Google Adsense is given bellow:
i) Go To Google Adsense and click on Sign Up button.
2) In 1st box, you will write you URL like
Then you will select you specific language like English which is spoken in your country.
And check the boxes to agree to Google's codes of conduct.

3) Fill the required information which is given bellow: like
  • Payee Name (Full Name)
  • Your Complete Address with street, city, country, zip etc
  • Phone
  • Select any option that is "how did you find about adsense?"
  • Check all boxes and submit information

4) For Submit your application in google adsense you want to sign up for your new id or sign in in your existing id.
 5) It may take 1-2 days, then you will receive an email about activation with "Congratulations!, your account has bee activated and you can proceed with the next step."
 6) Sign in with your id "Existing Customer Login".
 7) Click the Google Adsense Setup Tab
8) Click Adsense For Content
8) Click "Single Page"
9) Chose Ad unite
10) Now you can select different type of ads from there for putting in your site.