Saturday, 23 July 2011

Top 13 SEO Mistakes

We consider a lot of websites that have fantastic content but do not list well on the Google SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). This is usually due to little simple problems. We have accumulated a list of some of the most regular problems we see or components of a web page that when greater will produce better the Google look for. This is a list of problems, but not problems that will get you banned.

Mozilla Jumps To Handle The Death Of The Google Toolbar

Google canceled its toolbar for the current and future versions of Firefox and Mozilla is working hard to help users who may be trapped and delay updates to the browser.

The toolbar offers a variety of services including a search box, a way to use the bookmarks stored on a server, and a measure of the PageRank of a website - Google gives a score that measures its impact on search results Google. However, Google has chosen to make the version of Firefox.

"As we all know, in recent years has been a tremendous amount of innovation in the browser. For Firefox users, many of the functions that were once offered by the Google Toolbar for Firefox is already integrated in the browser. Therefore, even if the Google Toolbar for Firefox works up to Firefox versions only 4, 5 and Firefox does not support future versions, "Google said this week in the instructions.

Mozilla is looking for alternatives to what to do next, setting up a meeting to resolve this issue.

"We know that a large number of users have failed to update a 5 + because of incompatibility of the Google Toolbar," said the Firefox of the Christian leader to meet Legnitto said. "Most users can expect a new version of Google Toolbar is released and marked compliant."
He said that Mozilla has two problems: to tell people the toolbar will not come and help them to extract the data they have recorded with it. But there is not much time to react if Mozilla wants to act quickly.

"Firefox 6.3.20 (code freeze is 01/08/2011) would be the first car, we can use to change the product," he said, a move that "will allow us to push the product changes before users get update suggests that [Firefox] 5 +. "

Updates to Firefox have always been a problem for those who offer add-ons for the browser, but the problem has changed in nature with Firefox quick release cycle, when new versions come once every six weeks. To minimize the likelihood that users are presented with messages of incompatibility in add-ons are available in a new version of Firefox as they are certified to work with Mozilla started automatically "bump" add-on number Version compatibility of add-ons that do not cause problems.
This applies only to supplements distributed by Mozilla itself, however, and the Google toolbar for Firefox comes directly from Google.

Google declined to say whether other factors that advance the browser was part of its decision to cancel the toolbar.