Monday, 11 July 2011

Adsense Is Not Always The Best

I have a website related to some anti-aging hormone. This site is about 3 years and about $ 600 a month, always with adsense from last year. This site top3 ranking in search engines for certain keywords and get very good fir around 1,000 visitors per day. Thus, with these 30,000 unique visitors and $ 600 in adsense, I was happy with $ 20 eCPM. Who would not be? It looks like a good eCPM. So I was very happy with this site. Until two days ago.

So what happened two days earlier?

Regular Posting is Powerful

You've probably heard people say, the publication of unique content is the most important key to generate a larger audience and more incoming traffic, but one has to wonder, how?

How To Make A Solid Post That Attaches

Stickers are fun to play with, but only if they remain. For messages, it's just the same. This is not funny if it does not right? We are not talking about collage, literally, but rather the messages that stick in the minds of readers. The more "sticky" messages are the readers most likely to return, the definition of a sticky position, but how can you make a permanent job that fits?

What is a sticky post

Mail or voice that grabs the readers, and readers may want to come visit your site again and again, if it is just data, or otherwise.

How do "Sticky"

Like any blog owners seriously, the quality of content is important and if your goal is to make it "sticky", it is even more important. Here are some tips to make your message "sticky."

  • A quality content that is informative
  • Suggest links or tools that other sites do not
  • Enter the concept of inspirational leadership
  • Have something unique that other sites do not
  • For more photos and maybe video / audio and then
  • Do not leave the reader hanging on
  • Your own writing style (indentation Exodus, writing, etc &)
  • Your opinion
  • Just something that makes your site that "many" most extraordinary

The benefits of having a strong following description fits better than a post with just a few words all day. Provide key ideas that other sites do not have to offer, is key to making a single post that literally sticks to the reader. All that separates you from the rest, a kind of brand and helps make your work and your site even more memorable. The messages are more sticky, readers are more likely to come back for more.