Friday, 17 June 2011

Google House Ads

I saw the Google ad campaigns from her home in three circumstances:

1) Sometimes, using Google AdWords ads to explain problematic organic search results. Two striking examples are the search results for "Jew" who regularly posts anti-Semitic organization as a first organic results, and "Michelle Obama" that last year showed an offensive image as a good organic results. In these situations, running a Google ad linking to an explanation of its search algorithms.

2) Google to advertise their services, increase their visibility. In preparing this post, earlier this year, I approached Google about the use of house ads, and Google spokesman said Google is "search marketing campaigns in Google Search for products such as iGoogle, Google Maps, and mobile telephony, as well as specific questions to obtain information about our users. " Barry Schwartz, recently gave an example, the advertising image of the house promotional ads. This last point may also be a defensive purchase keyword, such as when you will be shown ads for search terms highlighted some of Super Bowl commercial Google.

In some cases, home listings are Google's announcement places no other advertisers, such as the promotion of the Nexus One of its home page. Barry Schwartz is listed as examples of Google ads on the home page. This topic focuses on building your AdWords ads, but I will return to these positions a little non-traditional 'advertising.

3) As a form of public service announcement, is the Google AdWords advertising home in times of crisis to promote a page response to the crisis, more recently, in response to the BP oil spill.
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