Thursday, 21 July 2011

10 SEO Mistakes To Avoid Criticism In The Creation Of WordPress Websites

When I started building a website a few years ago, certainly more than 10 critical SEO mistakes. Unfortunately, I had to learn by trial and error, and this seems to have been a long road for me. Now I have a list of 10 problems required references to make sure you do not have to learn the hard way.

1. A good selection of keywords

I'm really sorry I have to say, because when you enter the site, keywords, can become a nightmare. If you do not have good keywords that people are looking for, then the site might be doomed. Not understanding this, and collects the wrong keywords can ruin a company and its performance. Finding the right keywords is vital and having the wrong keywords can be the reason your site does not convert.

2. SEO Mistakes Onpage

People often build sites and just do not think you can only publish content and everything else somehow magically happen. Well onpage search engine optimization is very important because this is going to tell search engines that your page is about. See what search engine optimization. It gives you a better idea of ​​what the onpage SEO means. I'm just saying, negligence and regret it.

3. Title URL and send a message

We all know that the title page or by mail should represent what the actual content, but what about the url? Not many people see the URL of an important, but over the years, we have shown clear evidence that the URL does not count. Why do you think of all suggest you have your most important keyword domain site? WordPress SEO Website Builder errors

Therefore, to clarify what I'll use an example:

Title: 5 tips for your next SEO Campaign

Keyword: SEO campaign

URL: / SEO campaign

Content: Must have 5 tips for a SEO campaign

4. Content duplicates or bad

The duplicate content is frowned upon, and SEO is one of the worst mistakes that can be done. The administrators are tempted to try to copy the contents, because it is the easiest way, but not worth nowadays. Google and other search engines to ban, if you have only a duplicate content on your site.

Perhaps you're trying to create original content, but it turns out shit. Did you know that sometimes it takes me two hours to write a lot of content, sometimes even more. You are putting the effort? I had to improve my grammar, spelling and writing style, the hard way. People naturally assume I am a natural to write and create content, but this is not true, is simply hard work.

When the easy way out is one of the SEO mistakes that people often try. Avoid duplicate content and make the site interesting and unique.

5. Keyword stuffing

When people learn about SEO, they go crazy and stuff on their site with keywords that do not fit. This is one of the most common mistakes to avoid in SEO. It just does not look good when you have a page with the keyword by 50%. How can you make when you have killer content filled with keywords.

6. Poor navigation and internal link

People need to easily navigate your site and navigation links and account for the SEO. Links to other pages within your site using anchor text the law is of particular importance. It's like an endorsement of your own website, agree that the item you mention is about what sets the anchor text.

So choose the best WordPress theme plays an important role in the ranking of your website and the main navigation system.

7. Reverse wrong

Creating backlinks that have the wrong anchor text is certainly one of them fatal errors that SEO can make or break your site. There is a delicate balance is needed here too.

  • You have to make backlinks pointing to your site using keywords in the anchor text.
  • Anchor text is a wide range, but mean the same thing.
  • Text anchor is connected directly to the page content.
  • Here's an example of using an SEO campaign with keywords from above:
  • Anchor Text: SEO campaign, a new SEO campaign, SEO tips for the campaign, and so on ...
  • Content: All campaigns SEO

8. Failure of internal pages SEO

Some webmasters simply think they need to optimize your home page and ignore all other content. This is a list of major mistakes to avoid. Each page and display it on your site has its own life and personality, make sure to treat her as an individual.

If you have a large site, you can choose the most popular landing pages on your site to focus on optimization.

9. No ALT tag for images

Have a photo with your post, but do not have ALT tags the keywords in it. Oh no, this is one of those bad mistakes SEO as Google can not say what the picture is about, if not the label. You will also lose targeted traffic to your images can be found in the search engines and get a website traffic.

10. Apart from optimizing

There is a delicate balance doing what is necessary, but you'll get penalized too much! I guess that's why SEOPressor use because I will say if I go to the limits of onpage SEO. This error is sometimes referred to inadvertently add more keywords or optimize as much as text can not be read more. If you accidentally over-optimized one or two messages in the articles of your website can abandon the search engines. But if you do this in too many pages, you can get all the banned site.

SEO mistakes must be avoided at all costs. Google is not out to get you, they are just looking for quality sites ranking in search engines.

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