Sunday, 26 June 2011

Google Adsense Tips Contact Support

I have been in contact with the support of Google AdSense a couple of times, and sometimes have contacted me regarding my site does not respect their policies. Overall it was a great experience that I wanted to share some tips for new users and old AdSense respect.

1) There is no need to contact support for AdSense ads on multiple sites.

If you are a publisher accepted and executed more than one site, then there is no need to contact support to add your ad code on another site.

To simplify, you can use the same site more than one adsense publisher code, without obtaining the approval of Google Adsense.

2) If you make changes in order to display ads, which is not our program, please contact

What I mean is that when you try something new with how you show your AdSense approval by the AdSense team, mind you I do every time I play with ads and it helps a lot because I do not want to be blacklisted and banned.

If the display of images next to ads, then I recommend you read these messages. Why approve changes to adsense?, So you do users of the policy and the prohibition of what is best to ask you for money and banned.

3) Be patient

Adsense is a very popular and a site of almost everyone he meets Google ads, so do not worry if your answer does not come immediately. AdSense team's responses within 2-3 days is normal not to submit your questions, again and again.

Another issue is what to do when you receive an email from AdSense support read-ahead for now

What do you do when the team will get in AdSense?

When you receive an e-mail to AdSense, above all, to be taken seriously, because I've never e-mail, because they are friends, just e-mail, the website that publishes advertisements does something wrong, or information relating to your account.

First, verify the problem and try to do something to correct when you answer their e-mail and tell them about the problem, be honest any time the, even if you make a mistake.

With AdSense recommend honesty is the best policy. An example of AdSense to contact me and correct

I had received such an email, when "someone" had registered my site for users of a portal which showed my website to users within 10 seconds. This page has been sending me traffic was bad, and I never intend to have (tell me, how can a user know what I write in 10 seconds) and display ads, too. Well you can say why fret, so I had Google ads in the header, and grew to 1000 + traffic bizarre.

To return to the topic of Google AdSense contacted me I'm doing something against their policy, yes, I agree, but I have not done much because I could not do much I was doing my movement against desires.

But then I corrected the problem and has done well with them. Taken seriously when you contact, I am, because every time you receive an email highligting of them has to remediate or risk was banned from adsense.

If you're curious about what I've done my problem. I added a simple PHP code to my website. REMEMBER do not modify the AdSense code is against the policy, I only changed if the AdSense code should appear or not.

if($_SERVER['HTTP_REFERER'] == “thatserver”){
code to show adsense ads
else {
echo “Noooo dough for you”;

So, I made sure that the site I ordered not to ruin my income.

Just be careful with AdSense and contact them when you are in doubt that the best advice I can give.