Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Great Procedure To Have Great SEO

The main steps of SEO are:
  1. Search by keyword and competitive analysis
  2. On page optimization or meta tags optimization
  3. Search Engine Submission
  4. Off page optimization (link building)

SEO Complete Steps

28 steps to get a site search engine optimization

Search engines try to find your site and get better results if your site has no errors in ranking web because search engines are spam wonderful.

But it is a very important part of the site to tell a fact, all phases of SEO (Search Engine Optimization);

And this step is given below:
  1. Define Business & Public
  2. Do not buy a new domain
  3. Choosing your domain name
  4. Make your site, Clean & Simple
  5. Evaluate your website
  6. Keep an eye on rival
  7. Research keywords
  8. File Name Structure
  9. Sitemap Search Engine Friendly
  10. Write a catchy title
  11. Meta Description Tag
  12. Keyword Meta Tags
  13. Tag robots
  14. Alt tag images
  15. H1 and H2 heading format
  16. Improve your visibility keyword density and proximity
  17. Make the content will be rich
  18. Keyword anchor text Rich
  19. Make your Flash files work for you
  20. Bring your PDF files in SERPs
  21. Search Engines
  22. Directories
  23. Forums
  24. Blog
  25. Articles
  26. Press Releases
  27. Favorites
  28. Small