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Friday, 15 July 2011

Youtube Plugin For Wordpress Download

Smart Youtube Youtube is a Wordpress plugin that makes it easy to insert YouTube videos / playlists in your post, comments and RSS feeds.

The main purpose of the plugin is correctly embed YouTube videos in your post. Video is displayed full RSS feeds as well.

Smart youtube also supports playback of high-quality videos, works on iPhone, produces valid XHTML code (unlike the YouTube Embed code) allows you to watch videos in full screen, supports playlists YouTube (normal / HD) and New outube IFRAME code inserting.

The extension is designed for small and fast and does not use any external resources. It has many customizable options.

Key Features:
  1. Easy to integrate YouTube videos (normal / HD, both and links)
  2. Integrate YouTube playlist (normal / HD)
  3. Supports the latest protocols for high-quality video (360p and 720p HD)
  4. Allows full customization of YouTube (colors, borders, size, full size ...)
  5. Supports video deep linking (the desired position and start time = parameters)
  6. Works on iPhone, iPhone, iPod
  7. Support for blogs migrated
  8. Supports the migration of other plugins like WP-Youtube youtube
  9. Provides a sidebar widget to the videos and
  10. Produces valid XHTML code
  11. Very fast and light, no script necessary additional

Thursday, 14 July 2011

Wordpress Security Scan Plug-in Download

WP Security Scan Plugin checks your WordPress site / blog in search of security vulnerabilities and suggests corrective measures such as:

  1. Passwords
  2. File permissions
  3. Base Safety Data
  4. Hide Version
  5. WordPress protection management / security
  6. META tag generator eliminates WP core code

All in One SEO Pack Plugin Download

Optimize your WordPress blog for search engines (Search Engine Optimization).

Some features:
  1. Support for custom message types
  2. URL canonical Advanced
  3. Display the page navigation links
  4. Built-in API so other plugins / themes can access and extend the functionality
  5. Plugin to provide an integrated SEO for WP e-commerce sites
  6. Security nWhen
  7. Support for WordPress CMS style facilities
  8. Automatically optimizes your titles for search engines
  9. Creation of Meta Tags Automatically
  10. Avoid the typical content found in two WordPress blogs
  11. To begin or even looking at options, working out of the box. Just install.
  12. For advanced users, you can refine any
  13. You can override any title and set the meta description and meta keywords all you want.
  14. Compatible with many other plugins, like Auto Meta, Ultimate Tag Warrior and others.
If you Upgrade to Pro Version, back up your database first!