Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Google Adsense Revenue Sharing Sites

In this article I mentioned about 20 + sites / blogs that share Google AdSense revenue. I also mentioned PageRank. The list also includes social networking sites, blogs, forums and more. We hope this list useful. Bookmark and Tweet it!
Revenue Sharing Sites are given bellow:
  • Simpy: Simpy is a social bookmarking service. With MySpace, you can store, tag and search your bookmarks and notes or browse and search other users 'links' and tags. [PageRank - 7]
  • Squidoo: popular (free) to create a web site with your interests and recommendations. Even earn money for charity or for themselves. [PageRank - 7]
  • HubPages: HubPages is your online space to share your advice, reviews, tips, opinions and ideas with hundreds of other authors. HubPages is completely free. [PageRank - 6]
  • Google Earth Hacks: Google Earth Hacks links to interesting content found or created by users like you and gives you quick access to Google Earth to check things out. [PageRank - 6]
  • Trend Hunter: The maximum Community Trends, Trend Spotting, Cool Hunting, and Innovation. Fashion trends, style, gadgets, technology, pop culture, art, etc. [PageRank - 6]
  • Kernel Trap: KernalTrap.org is an online community dedicated to sharing the latest development kernel. 80% of revenues generated from these ads will be credited to your account. [PageRank - 6]
  • Bip The Geek: BeepTheGeek is a tech blog, begun in March 2008 to write tutorials on Windows, blogging, Google Adsense and Photoshop. [PageRank - 5]
  • Flixya: Flixya is a social network that puts 100% ad revenue in your pocket. We built the tools that you can share your videos, photos and blogs. [PageRank - 5]
  • Xomba: it combines the key elements of social networking sites, blogs and contextual advertising purpose, we created a community that is a stimulating environment for anyone who wants to publish and share their own ideas. [PageRank - 5]
  • Free Range Stock: Photographers submitting photos to Free Range Stock will now be able to participate in the revenue-sharing system. This is realized through the Google AdSense, and allows you to retain 80%. [PageRank - 5]
  • Shout Me Loud: Shoutmeloud focuses primarily on blogs, earn money online, WordPress, Web 2.0, Internet tools. Their motto is to share, and they think to connect with readers, and they respect each point of view. [PageRank - 5]
  • Devils Workshop (DW): Workshop Technology of the Devil blog began in June 2006, Rahul Bansal, with particular attention to posts that cover the latest trends, news and analysis of the areas of Internet, technology, social networking, computers and mobile phones. [PageRank - 4]
  • Trick Daddy: TricksDaddy is a technology blog which began in August 2008. It focuses on the messages that covers blogs, internet tips and tricks for customizing Windows, the latest trends, mobile social networks. [PageRank - 4]
  • Blog Engage: Blog Engage is an interactive social network, and allows you to submit your blog (s) to be considered by all and will be helped by me or by our visitors on the main page. [PageRank - 4]
  • India Study Channel: India Study Channel is an educational portal providing reliable and comprehensive information on education, research, education, exam results, entrance examinations, previous years university question papers etc. [ PageRank - 4]
  • Soul Cast: Due to Soul Cast, you can blog anonymously, without limitation, writing about everything from personal blogs to blogs about sex, and to protect your privacy. [PageRank - 4]
  • InfoBarrel: InfoBarrel.com the sales of current social media community. They are creating a meeting place for writers, media producers and content developers to publish their material and create an additional source of income. [PageRank - 4]
  • You Say Too: YouSayToo is a community of sharing advertising revenue for bloggers. In YouSayToo users can start their own blogs, download games, photos, and make revenue through Google AdSense. [PageRank - 4]
  • She told me: She told me, is a Digg-like program with a 100% AdSense revenue sharing. This is how to promote a website or blog, while earning money at the same time. [PageRank - 3]
  • Bloggeries Forum: Bloggeries Blog is a place for bloggers to discuss blogging. The sale also includes blogs, free WordPress themes and blogging jobs. [PageRank - 3]
  • That’s Pretty Dumb: That’s Pretty Dumb is kind of a site that highlights the dumbest business things for us. [PageRank - 3]
  • CallingAllGeeks: Calling All Geeks, is a niche blog for iPhone, gadgets and lover Twitter. Here you get all the latest information on the iPhone application, Apple news, tools, Twitter, Twitter, news, latest gadgets and software revision. [PageRank - 3]
  • Party Blogger: Blogger Party is a blog hosting site around their community, where all blogs are posted on the homepage. [PageRank - 3]
  • Gurusonline: GurusOnline provides various tutorials, tips / tricks that will be useful for you to earn money online. Go through the articles, often to learn the steps, you can even try to make money in your spare time [PageRank - 2].
  • Chaaps: Chaaps.com is a techno blog. Beyond technology, social media updates Updates on Chaaps.com television commercials and criticism on the ads on TV. Chaaps.com like creative advertisements on television. [PageRank -2]
  • Indya Rocks: Due to Indya rocks you can upload you pictures and blogs also can attach video for generate you revenue from Adsense with the help of Indya Rocks: [PageRank -5]
  • Docstoc: In Docstoc.com you can earn revenue form your documents, just upload you documents and generate revenue. [PageRank -6]
  • Triond: Triond is one of the prime locations to pay for written views and share revenues from Google AdSense. Triond 50% share of revenue from ads placed on one of the articles with authors. The articles are placed in appropriate networking sites to get more views of articles written. [PageRank -5]
  • Bukisa: Bukisa is another site wrote that Google AdSense revenue share. He was previously paying writers based on the index Bukis. They no longer use the index Bukis. If you do not Google Adsense ID, you can apply for one of Bukis. Bukis now share 60% of revenues from Google AdSense ads. You can also earn through Chitika ads in Bukis. [PageRank -5]
  • Suite101: Suite101 process is a process rather 'long, and I am very picky about writers too. Suite101 share Google AdSense revenue, but the exact amount of sales Suite101 shares with its authors are not known. [PageRank -7]
And many more sites are there is WWW ( World Wide Web)