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Top 8 Google Adsense Workers

Its curious that among the biggest supporters of Google Adsense are? I know I'm interested to know who is the best I can see their websites and see how he could make as much money these people do. I realized most of these sites, sites with content generated by users in general, highly rated enough for the employees of Google Adsense. It seems that the type of "community" of these sites tend to have a lot of traffic and we all know that traffic = money. So without further ado here is the list of the eight biggest Google Adsense revenue has been collected from online resources.

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1) Markus Frind - - $ 300.000 per month

If you have not heard of this type, however, you should visit He is the person that created this online dating site free of her apartment alone. Your website will soon become one of the largest online dating sites. I actually tried it myself and its website can see how they can be interesting and attracts many visitors. The graphics and site design is nothing special, but the functionality is there and easy to use.

There was little doubt that there was not much money when people did in silence by posting this on his blog. According to his blog, which represents two months of revenue from Adsense.

2) Kevin Rose - - $ 250.000 per month

Kevin Rose started Digg.Com in December 2004. It is a social marketing site that is mostly new, videos and photos posted by users of other users to read and see. Basically what happens is that you can sign up for an account and you can submit a 'new' and other people can see it and if they like, they can "Digg it", and this increases the grade of position. If it gets enough Diggs it appears on the home page of the site and get lots of traffic. Digg has both the ads displayed and Federated Media ads. It is estimated that he earns about $ 250ka month from Adsense alone.

3) Jeremy Schoemaker - $ 140.000 per month

Shoemoney is considered one of the largest Internet Marketers out there. It 'very good with search engines and know how to set the optimal sites for the traffic to them. Together with his best month in Google Adsense Shoemoney won $ 132,994.97. One can imagine, it was probably quite difficult for him to verify that the size of money!

Unlike most other advertisers Shoemoney Google makes its money from hundreds of sites and thousands of topics.

4) Jason Calacanis - Weblogs, Inc. - $ 120.000 per month

Jason Calacanis is the creator of Weblogs. Blogs are a network of blogs, and was obviously doing about $ 4,000 per day with Google Adsense! Eventually, he sold the company to AOL, has announced $ 25 million. He also announced his retirement from the blog earlier this year (July 2008). He is now focusing on its e-mail campaigns instead.

5) David Miles Jr. and Kato Leonard - $ 100,000

According to a Washington Post article, the 20 year old needs to be making $ 100 000 per month from their site that offer free Myspace templates. It's pretty impressive for a couple of young people offering free templates Myspace!

6) Tim Carter - - $ 30,000 per month

Tim Carter is a licensed master plumber and carpenter, his own radio show. She started her website in 1995, its main objective to serve a passionate following of fellow builders of the site. In April 2004, the Carter Doctrine AdSense for content sites, and placed it on his website. A minimum of fuss, and when he optimized his website and his AdSense revenues grew from $ 1,500 is $ 7,500.

There was a case study in earnings Tim Carter Google with Google Adsense. You really should read it HERE. Read the results section because it gives a lot of useful tips on how he increased his income with Google Adsense.

7. Joel Comm - e-book - $ 24 000 per month

Joel Comm is get rich quick guru. He has written an ebook, what Google has never talked about money with Adsense. With e-book and the website that earned $ 23,458.46 between November 2005 and December 2005. Check out your stats Google account here.

8. Shawn Hogan - - $ 10,000 per month

Shawn Hogan is the creator of DigitalPoint forum. This forum is a forum used a lot of information about: Search Engines, Marketing, Business, Design and Development, and the products and tools. In an article published in The New York Times said it was about $ 10 months with Google Adsense kA.

Members of the forum speculate that he is now about double what it did in 2005 when this report was published in the New York Times.

So there you have it, the top 8 Google Adsense employees. This list can be updated and slightly could have new people on this list, but the list was able to take to gather information on the network. Then check out these sites and see if you can try to earn as much as these people do with your website or blog.

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What is real Google Adsense Earning?
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At first you need to know how earnings are count.
  1. Adsense Earning = Impression-count x Click, although the rate x cost per click x smart pricing factors.
  2. Click-through rate (CTR) is the ratio of clicks per impression. It can range from 0.1% to 30%, but usually about 1% to 10%.
  3. Cost per click (CPC) is the winner get for each click. While traditionally refers to the amount that advertisers pay per click, it can also mean the amount publishers get for each click.
  4. Smart Adsense money is the method for determining the amount of valuable clicks from your site. If you click on your site does not offer good value for advertisers, such as geographic location visitors rarely translate into sales, have only a fraction of the alleged PCC.