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Business Model - Making Money Online With Adsense

After doing enough research and my own personal experience, I concluded that if I wanted to make money online through Google Adens, must follow a business model that is described below. This business model is the key to success, no matter if your goals are short or long term.

This business model consists of four steps.

Step 1: Choose a niche and search for keywords

Step 2: Select the domain name and Web site development

Step 3: Internet Marketing (SEO and SEM)

Step 4: Return on Site

Step 5: Monitoring and Improving

Selecting a niche and keyword research:

The first and most important part of this business model is the choice of a niche. This niche has to have enough traffic demand and to achieve your revenue targets. This estimate can be prepared by finding keywords in this niche and calculates the rate of PPC and the number of searches per day. It is also very important not to choose a niche already saturated, as it will take time for your website to come in this competition. The best niche is one that has more than 10,000 searches per day (up from 100 to 150 words) and an average rate of CSF between $ 1 T $ 2 sites that are less competitive on these keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Selection of domain name and web site development

Once the slot is selected, it is essential to choose a domain name helps visitors understand the scope (object) name. Moreover, in terms of SEO, it is important that your main keyword should be included in the domain (a domain name itself is a keyword that is known by the domain name Nugget). If a keyword field is not available, it would be wise to choose a composite key field (a domain with more than one keyword in the interior).

Another important aspect is the kind of top-level domain (com, net, org, etc), you should choose for your domain. COM. It is the preferred domain, no matter what the purpose of this area. However, I give the same importance. NET y. ORG y. But be careful not to choose. Biz or info .. There are search engines for the first three TLD.

After selecting a domain name, it is time to start accumulating. Since you want to earn money by displaying Google Adsense, so you need a website full of content. If you have good written articles in English, in order to prepare yourself otherwise hire freelancers to do the job for you. Make sure that it must end user. Try to focus one or two keywords per page / article, so it should be easier to do SEO for it.

Internet marketing (SEO and SEM)

Once you have created your website, you need to focus on marketing or SEO and SEM. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, while Search Engine Marketing SEM means. In SEO, there are activities to make your website optimized for search engines to explore and rank your website page or the keyword you want. These activities are called on-site SEO and offsite SEO. In On-Site SEO is tempting, because the web page titles, URLs and keywords in content to show often. Create a streamlined navigation through the site is also part of SEO in place. While on-site SEO efforts are being made to spread links to sites or pages on the Internet. Like many websites pointing to your site and more benefits you will get the search engine ranking. Other sites link to your website counts as a vote of confidence. More links means more confidence and therefore search engines will give your most important site in the rankings.

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is focused on advertising with search engines for PPC campaigns or through affiliate networks. The fundamental goal of SEM is to bring more quality traffic to your site and create a brand name.

Site Performance

Once you have your site's visibility on search engines and other traffic we got the resources, it is time to earn money for transportation. The best way to earn money for the site content rich Google Adsense shows. Get your Google AdSense account, if you do not have. They need a website URL to confirm that you are serious about the publisher. Once the site has been approved, you can put ads on sites that you want. However, it is important to read their Terms of Service to ensure you're not going to violate their mandate, which can cause your account is prohibited.

There are other PPC networks, such as advertising, illuminated, Clicksor, Bidvertizer etc. But there is a common registered yet no one else is as profitable as Google Adsense.

In addition, you can spend money on networking with your Google Adsense as Puss. But they pay very low compared to Google Adsense. But you can use it intelligently to use it effectively, in addition to Google Adsense and not as an alternative.

Monitoring and improving

Once you have your website and drop some cash in your account. It is time to monitor your traffic sources. Follow keywords traffic and ranking of your site for these keywords. Improve your ranking for those keywords means more traffic, which will naturally convert into cash for you later. Also, try to find more keywords related to your niche and continue to add more pages (keywords targeted to these new) from time to time.

Google provides a very convenient and useful resource for Google Analytics allows you to monitor site traffic. Go and use it to their site. There is no alternative to this is not even paid for the services

Google Ranking Factors

No one pretends to know and all, how Google rank a website or page. But with the experience of grading multiple domains / sites for several keywords on the first page or the top position, we can list the critical factors that must be considered for a ranking in search engines higher. I shared so many grading factors in three categories: Must Have, should have and nice to have a grading factor.

These are factors in my experience Google Ranking

Must Have Ranking factors:

1. Keyword should be in the title of the page

2. Keyword should be in the headings (H1, H2, H3) on the page.

3. Keyword must have Meta tags (keywords and description)

4. Variation of a keyword must be present on the same page (of words)

5. Keyword density (keyword frequency) is about 2% of the total number of words.

6. The content must be related to keywords and high quality.

7. Links Back from areas with higher PR anchor text that keyword.

8. PageRank of the home page is 3 +. And a link to your pages you should find on the home page.

9. If someone is a google search, he / she should be happy with the content. This means that he / she does not seem the same term again on google, at least for the next hour.

10. Content may not be duplicated or found both on another website.

Should have a grading factor

1. Keyword must be a Web site's URL

2. Keyword must be the domain name

3. Keyword should be in the first paragraph.

4. If the images used in this page, ALT tag containing that keyword.

5. At least 10 links to sites with good PR that keyword as anchor text.

6. Age field should be greater than 1 year

7. Place and the server must be in the region where the majority of your target users live. If you are targeting U.S. visitors, make sure that your domain must be hosted in the U.S. server.

8. The key word is closely related to the primary purpose of your domain.

9. Domain TLD should be. Com /. Net /. Org.

Nice to have a grading factor

1. Use the keyword page for all formats (bold, italics, underline, color, etc.)

2. Other pages on your site with this page are based on relevance. Similarly, by placing links on this page (with keywords as anchor text) to other pages linked to the same place.

3. Update your site regularly

4. Back links from sites like DMOZ and Yahoo Directory

5. Reduce outbound links as much as you can.

This is by no means an exhaustive list. Please suggest several factors if you can

5 Foolproof Ways To Increase The Site Referrals

With 73% of insurance consumers use the internet to research auto insurance last year, increasing your ability to be found online is essential to compete in today .
One of the main factors to increase your online visibility is to increase your placement with search engines such as Google and Yahoo. A heavily weighted factor used by search engines to determine your placement on a results page, the number of external sites linking to your site. These links from other sites is at your backlinks called or known as inbound links.

Since you have no credibility when someone refers to your company, your site becomes credibility with search engines when an external website refers to it. Backlinks to improve your ranking on search engines and also encourage visitors to come to your website.

5 tips to get referrals for free (backlinks) to your site:

Forum topic:

There are many online forums where consumers for their insurance-related questions. These forums provide a great opportunity for insurance agents to get an online exhibit by submitting their questions answered. More important, however, many of these forums allow you to include a link to your website in the signature line next to your answer. A good example of such a forum is

Article Marketing:

Submission of short articles on insurance-related sites like EzineArticles, is another very effective way to get quality backlinks. Tags to participate is free, but they must maintain strict guidelines that prevent people from spamming their sites selling ads. Keep the article informative and educational to show that you are an expert in your field. For example, write a short article on why it is important to have renters insurance, or to explain the criteria involved in determining a car insurance rates. Upon submission of the article, be sure to include your link as part of your signature.

Social networking sites:

Includes a blog on your site for information on how other search engines demand to keep your site fresh and relevant content rich. Blog insurance have reached full of keywords that customers seek in search of insurance. To get the most from your website using blogs, social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn to refer you back to the followers of your blog. Social media sites are a great way to develop a loyal following, and get back to quality.

Industry Association is an inverse relationship:

Trade associations are usually a good place to network and share ideas with other colleagues. Contact the industry association and ask if they are willing to accept short articles or blog posts from members. Again, be sure to include your website address for your signature.

Backlinks Company:

The Society of backlinks is probably the easiest to obtain. Most companies include a "Find an Agent" on its website. Review the sections and make sure they are input place next to your name of the agency.

How to monitor backlinks to your site (and competitors!):

There are several free backlink checking sites such as or domain These free tools allow you to see first hand if your project to gain more backlinks works. They also offer a great competitor analysis tool to see who is linking to your competitors' sites. Visit your competitors' backlinks to see if you can get a list of these places too.