Tuesday, 5 July 2011

15 Benefits And Limitations Of WordPress.com Blogs

Everyone wants to blog and with a variety of popular free hosting solutions available blog, WordPress.com is a popular choice. But all that comes free has its limitations, and it is best to know the advantages and limitations before you start a blog WordPress.com.
Restrictions On WordPress.com Blogs

The former emphasizes the major limitations WordPress.com blogs that could make you decide to install a downloadable version (wordpress.org) paid in their own domain and your own webhosting.

1. No ads- this means that if you want to make money online from your blog through advertising programs like Google Adsense, Kontera, Chitika and Text Link Ads are not allowed. A discreet link to Amazon per blog is okay. Learn more about their advertising policy, and how they can sometimes display ads. In order to earn money by displaying advertising, you need to buy VIP accommodation.

2. No sponsored / paid posts - Another popular option for bloggers to earn money with pay reviews the use of services such as PayPerPost and ReviewMe. WordPress.com does not allow you to blog items paid.

3. Customize Theme Limited - You must choose your theme from a number of preset themes. You can not hack into and modify these themes to your liking. You can edit and save the CSS as a paid upgrade. Currently, you can choose from a wide range of beautiful themes, but if you want your own unique design, you have to pay.

4. No Uploads Plugin - A major limitation is the inability to download plugins. Wordpress plugins are developed by the amazing WordPress community settings adds vibrant free advanced WordPress. Plugins can automate a lot of things and have a blog to a new level. Here are some Wordpress plugins I use.

5. WP No hacking code - If you like editing PHP files in your WordPress installation to create new features for your blog or improve their skills in PHP, so it is not possible at WordPress.com. You can not edit files wordpress database to meet your needs.

6. Updates for a fee - In case of a popular blog that increase website traffic and brand, as well as restrictions, you must pay for upgrades to buy

# Custom CSS - allows the style in the blog or use a style sheet, but not change the subject directly.
# Mapping of the domain and domain name registration to get wordpress url.
# Upgrades to the space - to make room for all your uploads
# Unlimited home users, who can see a private blog.

You can also get VIP host that allows you to use your own domain name, hosting the ads and help to deal with a lot of traffic. Check some important WordPress bloggers hosted by WordPress.com

7) Violate the TOS and get deleted - It is important that you read the terms and conditions carefully. They will not tolerate infingement copyright, spamming, commercial use, the machine generated blog, etc. and people can easily report spam blogs, and you can wake up to find your blog deleted a wonderful day!

"# Content is not spam, commercial content, not unethical or unwanted designed to drive traffic to third party sites or boost the search engine rankings of third party sites, or other illegal acts (such as phishing) or mislead recipients the source of the material (eg, phishing);

# The content is not obscene, libelous or defamatory (more about what that means), hateful or racially or ethnically objectionable, and does not violate the rights of privacy or publicity;"

Benefits Of WordPress.com Blogs:

They are all so dark ... Now for the great feast of WordPress.com blogs, making it a good choice to start your first blog.

8. Its free - such as blogs. Want to share your thoughts with your readers, why pay for it. WordPress.com is free, unless you want to implement some additional features to meet the growing needs of a popular blog, best blog or brand. You can always pay and buy a domain name (I use Godaddy) and accommodation (see why I recommend Dreamhost) if you decide to spend (as we have moved from Blogger to WordPress).

9. Surviving traffic peaks - Get Slashdot or pink with confidence as they balance the server load and keep your work site despite the huge increase in site traffic, while a shared hosting site otherwise go down a server.

10. Spam is not a problem - Fighting comment spam is not a problem that pre-installed Akismet blocks spam in the background. No need to pile on more Antispam plugins.

11. Freedom WordPress Updates - The advantage of hosting this is the fact that handle all the back-end updates, fixes and security issues. So when the new version of WordPress is released, there is no need to go thought the WordPress upgrade routine every time that happens automatically, without an FTP capabilities.

12. Automatic backup - should automatically back up your blog, and you need to run the daily backup of your blog, in case the server was a device failure.

13. Free support - Need help solving a problem or need to take blogging to the next level, forums have many active members of WordPress to guide and support.

14. Example new features WordPress - WordPress.com is the testing ground for features that should be available in the downloaded version. So before a large number of WordPress bloggers even get an indication of a new feature, you are probably already test it.

15. Blogging made easy - even a child can start blogging on WordPress.com, it's so easy. If blogging is your only passion, and you have no idea what HTML, CSS, PHP, FTP, MySQL, and you do not want to lose your saves time, improves safety worry Blog - get a WordPress.com blog day.

Posted 31 days to build a better blog project

The Benefits of Blogger

* Widgets - Free Blogger may well be the middle name, after the widgets. Blogger in free widgets collects thousands of new bloggers can use every day to their blogs, either for personal use, commercial use, and basically anything for free. You can add widgets to a box of flash to yell at a clock widget in minutes.

* Making money - Google Blogger gives us the ability to put Google ads and others serve ads on our sites for free. Unlike Wordpress, Google allows users to make their blog using Google's free blog services. Using the large sites like Google Adsense PPC win, Netklix, Chikita, and much more.

* Google favors most - of course Google will promote one of their most successful services, Blogger and give new bloggers the ability to easily make their way through the first 10 Google results. Google search engine is the most famous and the most favorable life, and because Google Blogger supports most of them are search engine friendly for users of Blogger, which means that you have a major advantage to reach the top 10 the results of a blog with Wordpress as their supplier from the beginning.

* Get Featured - Google has listened to their users, and has grown to a big name when it comes to video, years of hard work, and to promote, but now they have created an easy way to give back to the community preference. They have created a fair system, called "Next Blog" feature (as is the title of the Blogger site) and thousands of readers who want to make a surprise may be directed to your site for free, but does not end here. Google has also put together sites like http://www.blogger.com/changes10.g http://play.blogger.com/ and is also a free resource to guide readers to your blog for free. But the catch is, Google is equipped with a fairer system for the web and you will need to be frequently mentioned in the sites of the highest level, used for thousands of readers to find blogs like yours to read. So go ahead and post often take advantage of Google "Get Featured" property, and generate free traffic to your blog.

* Thousands of Themes - You can convert any blog template consists of HTML. There are hundreds of free templates designed for Blogger users like me and you, and you can find on the site to review sites free Blogger templates here.

* Easy navigation - Google is known to be the creator of the services to complex services that are simple, and they also do with Blogger. Blogger has the name for easy navigation and offers tab page item "where users can easily browse and add items anywhere in their blog. Once you've created your blog, you can easily see how much is easy to add or remove elements called "widgets" anywhere on your blog. Check it out for you, just 30 seconds to start your blog!

* Based HTML - Your blog is based HTML means you can easily add new applications anywhere in your blog. You are responsible for what happens and go to your blog. You are in charge of how you see your blog.

* Special support - support for Blogger is a free time dedicated to helping the Community and to stop problems with Blogger. Even if you use the free service of blogs, who treat you like a loyal customer, and get quick fixes immediately.

Blogger Restrictions

* Limitations - Although Blogger provides an unlimited capacity for the number of posts a position that has a limit of 1024 photos you can download, without using Google Blogger service. (Hint. If you download an image to your blog and you want to delete, you can not because it goes to the database, and you can not remove it. 1024 or 1 GB can take years to complete!)

* HTML Themes - Blogger uses HTML key issues in most web designers so you do not use, limited to some basic issues. Wordpress called the songs have the most professional, and using the same format that most web designers use CSS to sell their products. If you are looking for a supplier of free WordPress themes blog announces professional web exploits.

* Limited Plugins - Blogger does not have a lot of plugins that Wordpress has. Wordpress has thousands of free plug-in that can easily automate the stuff easy to make your site feel more vibrant and beautiful.