Monday, 20 June 2011

How To Get AdSense Approval from website / blog

To have a Google AdSense account approved by the dream of every blogger or webmaster. Since AdSense is a key role in earning the website. This article will tell you how I got my Google AdSense account approved within 2 weeks. There are a lot of tips and tricks on the Internet that says how to get Adsense accepted on 1 day and up to 1 hour! But it is never possible. You can at least take a week to get approved for AdSense. More importantly, I know that some of my friends that AdSense has been denied and they went to the vendor who sells an AdSense account approved. AdSense absolutely prohibits the sale of accounts. So if AdSense was denied, not just stop there to buy accounts. Try again after the introduction of these little tips:
1) Create a blog:
This is the most common. Create your own blog. You can get a free blogspot / blog, or go self-hosted WordPress blog, if you are serious about blogging. My recommendation is to start is

2) Set a domain name:
Now, if you're using, not only to keep blogspot subdomain. Create a good domain name. You can get a free domain CO.CC / Tk or go .Com domain for a minimum of $ 10 per year. I used this. Com domain when sending AdSense for approval.

3) Design:
If you are using a blog and do not stick to the default design. To move to a model professional blogger. For an extensive collection of

4) Subject:
Put an item in your mind when you are writing updates. An examiner should know what this blog is about.

5) Quality posts:
Before submitting the application for the AdSense program, make sure you have some good blog posts on the blog. You must be at least 10 good blog posts on his blog. You can get lots of articles from free article directories on the Internet regarding the topic. Do not just copy and paste the original. Make some changes, make it attractive and publish to your blog.

6) Configuration FeedBurner:
You must have a FeedBurner account to your blog. It is very easy to create a FeedBurner free. Place a widget on your blog that FeedBurner redirects your blog feed.

7) The AdSense:
You can sign up for AdSense through your Gmail account here, and also from Yahoo, and hotmail and rocketmail etc. Now when you sign up for an AdSense account does not give false information. Send real details, the recipient's name, address, etc.

8) Refresh Rate:
After the request for AdSense, do not stop to date. Keep up to date at least one article a day. It is not difficult. If you do not have time, you can write lots of articles and the calendar for the future. Example: If you are free on weekends, 3 hours of time, pick up some items 7 and the time each for each day. So you have already completed the work week!

That's it! Now you can take up to a month to get it approved. Wait for email Congratulations AdSense!


The second most important thing. Once you get approved for Adsense, do not click on their ads never, never treat any exchange, or click on the AdSense click Deployment Services. That will take you to the AdSense prohibited. And 'better safe than sorry. The best and just to make money with AdSense is real traffic to your website.