Friday, 24 June 2011

New Feature: Geolocation

We just added geolocation Editor new message on Blogger in Draft. With geotagging, you can add a location for each of your blog. As the time stamps to help readers find posts by a certain date or time, geotags give your readers a way to browse messages about a specific location.

Add Geotag your message is simple. Log, the editor to open the mail, then click the Add placements below the main text box.

Use the editor of the site for research, drag, click and zoom on a map to choose and save location. We will try to mark the spot where you choose to use our reverse geocoder that looks a name to a point on the map. You can also change the place name by clicking on the name of the location of the blue text in the search box.

When you publish your post, it is geo appear below your blog as a link that will open Google Maps.

We also present the text of each blog, RSS and Atom feeds GeoRSS, geotagging standards. This means that aggregators, search engines and mapping applications to connect to their places in their place.

We are still working on other ways to display location information on your blog. Brian, the Google engineer who created this function in its time 20%, has written a gadget that will show you your messages on a map. To add it to your blog, click on "Add your own" "Add a gadget" page and paste in this URL:

Geotagging some well-known flaws. We deal with them soon, but here are some suggestions for short-term solutions:

  • You are the editor is hidden in the text field, the Edit HTML tab. Please change the Compose tab, you can view and change positions.
  • A geotag can not be removed from a message once it has been saved. If you have to remove a Geotag, please copy the contents of your message in a new position and georeferenced to abolish the post.
  • 2:33 pm Update: If you have a custom template and do not see the "Location:" byline, you may need to reset the template widget on your blog. To do this, go to page> Edit HTML tab in your dashboard, then clicking Restore widget templates to values ​​below the main text field.
  • 2:33 pm Update: Some users have problems with the plan gadget blog. Brian is investigating.
What kind of messages that you add the position? What other features would you like to see this feature? Leave us a comment and tell us what you think