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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Google Panda 3.3 Released: What It Means For New Affiliates

Before we get into the details of the Google Panda 3.3 update, let’s take a closer look at this change in an overall sense.

Google Panda was first released in February 2011 as a change to the company’s search results ranking algorithm. In short, the goal of the update was to lower the rank of low-quality sites while increasing the rank of high-quality sites.

According to multiple outlets, the initial update affected the rankings of approximately 12 percent of search results.

The Latest Update

A little more than a year later, Google is still going strong with its Panda updates. This time around is Panda 3.3.

While it would be impossible to discuss all of the changes here, there are several that new affiliate marketers need to be aware of.

First things first, here is what Google had to say about its latest Panda update:

Panda update. This launch refreshes data in the Panda system, making it more accurate and more sensitive to recent changes on the web.

Evaluating Links

One of the main points of discussion is the way that Google will now be evaluating links.

Link evaluation. We often use characteristics of links to help us figure out the topic of a linked page. We have changed the way in which we evaluate links; in particular, we are turning off a method of link analysis that we used for several years. We often rearchitect or turn off parts of our scoring in order to keep our system maintainable, clean and understandable.

In true Google fashion, this statement is quite vague. The search engine giant has always been reluctant to share too much information as they don’t want anybody to game the system.

Should I Be Worried?

No matter if you are new to affiliate marketing ( Global SEO Services ) or have been around the industry for a while, you need to stay current with these types of updates. However, you cannot spend every waking moment worried that the next update is going to take you down.

Fortunately, there has not been too much fuss regarding Google Panda 3.3 and any negative effects on search results.

Working with Google Panda 3.3

If you plan on getting traffic from Google you need to play by their rules. To give yourself the best chance of success – now that the latest update has been released – make sure you focus on providing high quality, relevant content that your readers will be interested in sharing naturally. If you produce good content and avoid unethical link building strategies, you should be able to avoid any issues with the Panda 3.3 update


Saturday, 10 December 2011

Google Tricks

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“Powered by BlogEngine”
 These are some special Google Algorithm Search Tricks for Google Ranking and SEO Working. That you can easily learn SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ). These Google Algorithm Tricks are used in Professional SEO Company (Getacho). And these are collected by its SEO Expert

Saturday, 3 December 2011

Pay Per Click And SEO Work Togather

Most companies are often encountered with the situation of figuring out how to increase restricted internet advertising costs. PPC has more control, but can be very expensive with regards to the marketplace. PPC and SEO are often considered as two very different internet advertising techniques, with each side having their own practitioners as to why their particular internet advertising effort is the most effective. Are you looking for powerful, but need to be aware of costs? So what methods should be used, PPC or SEO? The answer is both. SEO can produce achievement, but it often needs endurance to obtain greater search positions and is seen as a lasting technique.

If your PPC and SEO activities are not speaking with each other, you are spending a lot of money. Whether the work is being done in house, at a single bureau or by several companies, it’s essential to talk about information acquired in each area to avoid repeated work and skipped possibilities.

Here are a few things to consider:
Keyword Strategy:

It’s essential to create how your key phrase mix will indentify your visitors and how PPC and SEO will fit in. Based on plan objectives it might add up to increase longer tailed conditions while making use of PPC to get the wider investigation phrases as ad content, getting websites, ect can be quickly handled. Large conditions are usually super aggressive and the most expensive, while long-tail conditions are usually less aggressive, but they drive greater competent visitors. The key is to know when to stress one over the other, or when to use one to support the other.

Another corner technique technique is to take advantage of PPC investigation problem information. This type of corner technique giving should be going on consistently as your visitors will not maintain the position quo with their investigation routines. Those key phrases become an chance of the SEO group to make improved information around which will increase your visitors amount without raising your PPC budget. Examining PPC investigation problem information might find out conditions that are driving a lot of paid visitors, but never accomplish well in investigation.

Campaign Structure:

Your sites design and your Ad Thoughts activities should not be that different. Those subcategories can be considered ad communities or websites on the site with the key phrases being as textual content on the websites and in the ad communities. In fact, both should have a natural circulation from dangerous information to very particular issues and subcategories.

Landing Pages:

Assuming the necessary following is in place on all websites and key phrases, you can take beneficial learning’s from the actual getting websites. If you recognize that certain websites created for normal key phrases accomplish well from a change stand point, why not re-purpose those websites as PPC getting pages? This allows you to make offers and calling to action for those particular key phrases.

These are just a few cases of corner technique giving. Once the SEO and PPC work start showing each other you will think of additional ways to repurpose information and information to benefit your overall internet advertising success.

Monday, 22 August 2011

Website Should Be SEF ( Search Engine Friendly) Site To Have Great SEO

If you requisite to work vantage of the way that see engines place websites, you necessary to head the text that materialize on your website easily understandable by these investigate engines. That is important for SEO Working and SEO TrainingThe impoverishment to communication your website double in a way that the hunting engine drives visitors to your website is absolutely indispensable tho' it should not wish conciliatory on the propertied of your content and it should not drive visitors to react the substantial.
You penury to create make for the activity engines because that leave service you to gain your website interchange and also make in income by feat a improve return on investment (ROI). It thusly pays to cogitate of your website copy as a category of investment that present go a nightlong way in serving you with your hunting engine improvement efforts. Due to this you will come to know that what is SEO? And How To SEO?
You may require to do wide investigate on how to make your parcel simulate. It substance repeatedly checking every morpheme codified including all keywords that must be shaped as beatific marketing repeat and which includes every conceivable combining.
Your website copy should be prefab of readable and related acceptance so that visitors are enthused into making a get and promote exploring the website and not be disorganized or turned off.
Spell composition repeat for examine engine and visitors, you should at smallest be a tolerable copywriter yourself. You staleness bang and read the Net surface. With several sprinkling of knowledge almost operation engine improvement for intellectual decide.
If you require cater with composition repeat for search engines and visitors, you should mull hiring a nonrecreational SEO copywriter.

Thursday, 11 August 2011

10 Top SEO Tips & Tricks

I am searching on SEO ( Search Engine Optimization ) tips and tricks from 1 year and according to my self most important things are these, which I am going to give bellow this according to my research, which is very important for SEO working and also would help every one in SEO working and Google Adsense Earning  revenue and Adsense tips and tricks

Be Bold
Use <b> </b> tags around some of your keywords on each page. Do not use them everywhere the keyword appears. Once or twice in abundance. it is important for Top SEO Tips & Tricks

Deep linking
Make sure you have all the links from the pages as possible. What do you mean a search engine when other sites link to different pages on your site? What you are obviously a lot of useful content. What do you mean a search engine that all connections will be in front? You have a surface site of little value, or that the links are the automation instead of the value of your site ( Top SEO Tips & Tricks ). Here's an example of deep linking, in this case, my personal happiness workbook.

Become a foreigner
Canada and the UK have many directories for websites of companies in these countries. Can you get a business address in one of these countries?

Social Bookmarks. Make it easy for visitors to Social Bookmark your website, create an important value that links the search engines. There are a lot of free social bookmarking widgets available. We Book marketer

BookMarketer free e-book marketing tool.

Newsletters. Offer articles to e zine publishers that archive their e zines. The links are often live for many years in their archives. This Tip will help you in update

First Come, First Served
If you must have image links in the navigation bar, include also text links. However, make sure the text links in first in the source code, because search engine robots will follow the first link found in any particular page. They will not follow additional links (Top SEO Tips & Tricks) to the same page. You can see it in action on the link to the home page of this web site tracking

Multiple Domains
If you have several topics that can support all their website, it might be useful to have multiple domains. Why? First of all, search engines usually list only one page per domain for any given search, and could justify two. Second, directories usually accept only home pages, so you can get more directory listings this way. Why is a site dedicated to gumbo pudding is opened?

Article Exchanges
You've heard of link exchanges, useless as usual. Article exchanges are like link exchanges, only much more useful. Published another article on the history of pudding pop with a link to your site. Published his article in the top ten pudding pop flavors in Viet Nam, with a link to your website. Both are content. They both get high quality links. (More on high quality links in other tips, Top SEO Tips & Tricks.)

Link Titles
Links can get titles, too. Not only does this help visually impaired surfers know where to send them, but some search engines include this in their relationship with one page.

Not anchor text
Do not overdo the anchor text. You do not want all your inbound links looking the same, because it looks like automation - something Google frowns on. Use your URL sometimes, your company name other times, "Gumbo Pudding Pop" occasionally, "Get gumbo pudding to explode" and "Gumbo-flavored pudding appears" at other times, etc

Site map
A big hand needs a site map to be linked from every page of the site. This will help search engine robots find every page with just two clicks. A small site needs a site map, too. This is called the navigation bar. See how the second navigation bar at the bottom of Last Minute Villas in Florida is like a mini-site map?
SEO Top Ten Tips And Tricks For Revenue and Ranking

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

Adsense Gadget for Blogger

I do not recommend Blogger sas the top option for your Adsense position and I hold explained that a WordPress Blog on your own environment is punter if necessity a prosperous Google Adsense Diary. Nevertheless if you are noneffervescent using Blogger here is many tidings for you. Blogger has now included the deciding to put your Adsense ads between your blog posts using the Blogger AdSense widget.

These are the manual:
1. On your Blogger dashboard attain your BloggerTemplate tab and stop on the Diplomat Elements tie.
2. Emit 'Edit' in the 'Blog Posts' music.
3. Sound on the box that says 'Show Ads Between Posts'. You instrument be competent to opt the ratio of your ads here. For monition, do you want to demo them after every communication or between replacement posts?
4. Egest your changes, utter 'save changes' and your Adsense ads should begin attendance where you poverty them.

Of course if you are using WordPress - the software that runs this site - you can use the fantabulous Adsense plugin for WordPress that displays your ads randomly among your diary posts.

Thursday, 28 July 2011

7 Costly Mistakes Webmasters To Web Directories

A common refrain from webmaster circles is that directories are dead and should not provide more. But directories offer many benefits, so it would be considered part of the marketing mix any website seriously. Some of the advantages they offer are: co-financing, anchor text, targeted traffic, and strong ties.

So why webmasters generally believe the boards are dead? This is because a number of errors in the submission to directories that end up costing a lot of benefits they could get. These costly mistakes are:

Costly mistake # 1 - Submission to 300 + free directories. This will probably do something to help the rankings of your website and can even hurt him. Google, a few quality links outweigh the benefits of many links-type spam. I compiled a list of files closed by lateral forces SEOmoz tool that provides a good starting point to determine what are the best books are.

Costly mistake # 2 - Concern for the price rather than value. A common question I hear asked is "I can submit to directories under $ 20?" However, Google's algorithm is based largely on the authority of the websites linking to you. In this logic, never submit to Yahoo Directory, which is probably the easiest way to get a link to your site from authority. You will get the most out of bidding web directory by submitting the best, rather than the cheapest.

Costly mistake # 3 - who believe that libraries do not link much Juice Pack. This is wrong. The fact is that there are many directories out there with an excellent quality and quantity of backlinks. I compiled a list of directories ranked by number of backlinks. As you can see, many libraries have more than half a million backlinks and much more than a quarter of a million backlinks.

Costly mistake # 4 - ". Active Web" Assuming that the web directories are not part of it tends to be an anomaly among bloggers that blogs are more active than the more static web pages, as records. But if you look at the Alexa data files, you will find that many of them have heavy traffic. While Alexa is an imperfect measure, it is best we have had, and also tend to be more accurate for high traffic sites.

Costly Mistake # 5 - do not vary the anchor text and descriptions. From what I saw, many authors seem to use the same anchor text and description of all presentations in their directory. My publishers spend a lot of time to re-write this review. A good way to create a red flag with Google suddenly doing a lot of links to your site with the anchor text exactly the same and exactly the same as surrounding text. Ideally, all directory submissions must use a unique formula. At least, to have multiple versions of an anchor text and descriptions to use when submitting to directories.

Costly mistake # 6 - There is a written description of your site powerful. While directories frown on exaggerated descriptions so that people click on the link, take the trouble to write something that motivates people to learn more about your website. John Scott is a good example.

Costly mistake # 7 - who believe that Google frowns on directory submissions. This is wrong. Google's Webmaster Guidelines specifically state: "Submit your site to relevant directories such as Yahoo and Open Directory Project, as well as to other sites of industry-specific experts." Also, Matt Cutts has explicitly stated that there was nothing wrong with submitting to quality directories.

Friday, 22 July 2011

How To Increase Google AdSense Earnings, Effectively?

If you had to make money from your blog or website with Google AdSense, you might be interested in some simple tips to help you get more money for the same traffic you are receiving.

What? Should not be concentrated in more traffic? No, not really.

It is always best to find more sources for traffic and must continue working on search engine optimization, get inbound links to your pages to increase visitors to your site. In addition, there are several things you can do for your pages to improve the click through rate (CTR) and the value of each visitor (eCPM). And if you increase the eCPM and traffic continues to increase, it becomes even more money!

Sunday, 17 July 2011

Top 15 Differences Between SEO vs SEO 2.0

What is SEO 2.0? These are the 15 most major differences between SEO and SEO 2.0:
SEO 2.0
The link building, and added manually, by presenting static websites to directories link exchange, pay for the links
Getting links through blogs, to write the contents of the column, creating a link bait, socialize
On-site optimization of spiders. Example: repeated focus on Related Topics (only) keywords
On optimizing the site for users. Example: Kick ass post titles
CONTEST: Competing with others to be on the cover / in the top 10 of Google for keywords
Collaboration: We collaborate with each other to share with other bloggers posts' social media, you can connect to
Barter: You give me a link and only then will I give you a
Donner: Ato, whether they have a link back, but in most cases you will, more than once
Hiding: We're not doing SEO, we can not view the client list publicly, the general society of SEO
Transparency: Welcome to the new customer xyz, we are proud to partner with them, Rand Fishkin, Lee Odden,
optimization and classification links
traffic optimization and commitment
clicks, page views, visits

Google Plus (G+) Great Network

Google Plus social network is the "social":

The social activity is off + on Google in the charts. If you have 1,000 fans each on Twitter, Facebook and Google +, and ask a question, you'll probably have 10 times the feedback Google +.

It will be returned, which motivates the list bloggers Digg founder Kevin Rose to close the blog and driving traffic to their profiles Google +. I noticed the same thing to be true.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

Google PageRank And Its Effect On SEO

PageRank is a link analysis algorithm used by the search for the world's largest engine Google. PageRank assigns a numerical weighting to each element of a set of hypertext documents, in the case of Google refers to the Internet. It does this in order to assess the relative importance of each item.

Therefore, PageRank has become an important field of Search Engine Optimization or SEO short, and companies are hard to improve the page rank, in the hope of claiming a place in the area on the first page of Google search results.

PageRank is scored 0-10. Rank 0-3, usually for small and medium enterprises and the PageRank of 4-6, and refers to large companies around the world. PageRanks 7 or via the Internet is reserved for institutions dwarfs other sites as well as in scope (such as YouTube and Amazon).

But a range of pages can improve the high success of your site SEO is not the only determining factor for the position you are in search results. It is in fact only part of the ranking algorithm, and that in a search engine on it (although other search engine comes to overshadow all others).

With a successful SEO, taking into account a variety of proven methods, PageRank lower than in March of your site to a list of search results to the site a higher page rank higher. After all, the search engine is designed to provide the most relevant and complete results for the user and the keyword or keyword phrase inclusion of smaller sites may seem more qualified search terms.

In short, when it comes to search engine optimization, there is no point losing sleep over the PageRank of your site. But do not take our word for it. Google said: "We have long told people not to focus on PageRank as owners of a lot, the site seems that many think is the most important parameter for them to track, which is simply not true. "

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Blogspot / Blogger SEO Tips And Tricks

Would you like to improve the SEO is a blog Blogger Blogspot? This tutorial explains how bloggers can optimize your blog using SEO techniques to improve the indexing of your blog Blogger Blogspot, and to get a better ranking in search engines.

In this article I will discuss the following help with Blogger for SEO advice:

  • Adding Your Blogger Blog to Major Search Engines
  • Optimizing Blogger Post Titles
  • Utilising Meta Keywords and a Meta Description
  • Using Keywords in Alt Tags and Image Titles
  • Using Target Keywords in Your Post Content
  • Optimizing Blogger Title Tags
  • Optimizing Your Blogger Permalinks
  • Making Use of HTML Heading Tags Within Posts and Post Titles
  • Adding Breadcrumb Navigation to your Blogger Blog

AdSense Bad For Your Business

I just closed my account as a publisher, and I am waiting for my check last month. We made about $ 10,000.00 per month with AdSense type sites and decided to leave because I felt that the business model was really bad.

Monday, 11 July 2011

Adsense Is Not Always The Best

I have a website related to some anti-aging hormone. This site is about 3 years and about $ 600 a month, always with adsense from last year. This site top3 ranking in search engines for certain keywords and get very good fir around 1,000 visitors per day. Thus, with these 30,000 unique visitors and $ 600 in adsense, I was happy with $ 20 eCPM. Who would not be? It looks like a good eCPM. So I was very happy with this site. Until two days ago.

So what happened two days earlier?

Regular Posting is Powerful

You've probably heard people say, the publication of unique content is the most important key to generate a larger audience and more incoming traffic, but one has to wonder, how?

How To Make A Solid Post That Attaches

Stickers are fun to play with, but only if they remain. For messages, it's just the same. This is not funny if it does not right? We are not talking about collage, literally, but rather the messages that stick in the minds of readers. The more "sticky" messages are the readers most likely to return, the definition of a sticky position, but how can you make a permanent job that fits?

What is a sticky post

Mail or voice that grabs the readers, and readers may want to come visit your site again and again, if it is just data, or otherwise.

How do "Sticky"

Like any blog owners seriously, the quality of content is important and if your goal is to make it "sticky", it is even more important. Here are some tips to make your message "sticky."

  • A quality content that is informative
  • Suggest links or tools that other sites do not
  • Enter the concept of inspirational leadership
  • Have something unique that other sites do not
  • For more photos and maybe video / audio and then
  • Do not leave the reader hanging on
  • Your own writing style (indentation Exodus, writing, etc &)
  • Your opinion
  • Just something that makes your site that "many" most extraordinary

The benefits of having a strong following description fits better than a post with just a few words all day. Provide key ideas that other sites do not have to offer, is key to making a single post that literally sticks to the reader. All that separates you from the rest, a kind of brand and helps make your work and your site even more memorable. The messages are more sticky, readers are more likely to come back for more.

Sunday, 10 July 2011

AdSense Revenue Poll Update

The survey we pray in the sidebar of this week asking how many bloggers from Adsense last month. To date, 295 players voted (thank you everyone!) I'll let it run until the end of March during which I will give you a complete count and nice little graph.

It 'clear that a distinct pattern is emerging - more than half of bloggers read ProBlogger earn less than $ 3 per day with Adsense. In addition, 14% did not use the system at all.

These are the kinds of results that I expected - the anecdotal evidence was gathered through conversations with bloggers in recent months has made it clear that very few bloggers with AdSense were only a few dollars a day of it. However, these results also show that some bloggers are actually making money from their blogs significant (9% more than $ 1000 per month and 2% over $ 10,000).

It is my goal to make some changes to these figures - I wish the ProBlogger readers get their monthly income figures in the triple and quadruple in the coming months.

Update: In addition to the numbers that you have already indicated that you used - I would be interested if readers would give a clue in the comments below (anonymously if you wish) on the percentage increase or decrease you seen in your monthly salary in recent months.

I'll write a message in the coming days will be based on this information and I will share some of my own figures for profit - but in the meantime I am interested to hear how your AdSense earnings have changed in recent months, which are willing to share.

9 Tips I Used To Triple My AdSense Income In 30 Days

In this article I will share with you tips and tricks that I used the Triple AdSense earnings every month.

1. I added the units to my site

Daily tips and tricks in writing a daily blog my biggest websites in terms of traffic. They receive almost one million page views per month (combined). Although I was not using AdSense on them, especially because the direct model was the sponsorship works relatively well.

A few months ago, I decided to load the AdSense sites, however, and the results were very positive. About 70% of the thrust generated by me my income comes from these two sites. At the same time, I managed to keep the other monetization methods work very well, and no reader has complained about the announcements of new (later).

Even if your blog is already making money with direct sponsors and affiliate marketing, so you might still able to increase revenues by adding some strategic AdSense units.

2. I added to my units of small websites

How many webmasters do, I have a series of small sites scattered around the network. Some are free-hosted platforms like Blogger, and others have not abandoned the site long. Most of these sites still get traffic, however. Not much, but combined with the numbers to get a decent.

I thought the addition of AdSense units to all these sites could give a little money, and I was right. The main reason is that since they are abandoned sites and they have loyal visitors, who can place the units very aggressively. The result was a high clickthrough rate (CTR), which compensates for small levels of traffic.

Do not underestimate the revenue potential of small websites, especially if you are ready to place AdSense units aggressively.

3. I used major units

If you want to make money with AdSense will inevitably need to use one of these units: 336 × 280 large rectangle, 300 × 250 rectangle, 120 × 600 skyscraper, or a large 728 × 90 Leaderboard.

Every time I tried to use smaller units, the results were disappointing. Although I would have invested aggressively in a CTR was too low.

All four units mentioned above can produce good results, but the best performance is by far the 336 × 280 large rectangle, and I use it to promote my income.

4. I put the units above the fold

My first test was to place 336 × 280 large rectangle between the post and the comments section of my blogs. The results were good. I decided to try to place them under the title after a week, and blew up the CTR. In fact, I have yet to find a combination of location / unit that will beat a 336 × 280 units following job titles.

I knew this rule, but I think I needed to try to get confirmation. The rule is: if you want to make money with Google AdSense, you must place your units above the fold.

5. I have focused on organic traffic

My biggest concern with the addition of a large unit AdSense just below my job titles, was that some of the faithful readers might be angry with her. While I knew that the loyal readers are ad blind very quickly and most of my money would come from organic visitors (ie people who come through search engines at my post).

To resolve this problem, I decided to publish the large rectangle only on messages of more than seven days (work Why WordPress plugin). Worked like a charm, as faithful readers do not realize the ad units when they are browsing through my recent posts, organic and visitors often see the ads because they usually land on the most in seven days .

6. I started using AdSense for search

I was not sure how much money I would be able to do with AdSense for search, but I was not satisfied with search results provided by WordPress, so I decided to give it a try anyway .

At the moment I do about $ 60 per month with AdSense for search. Not much, but if the amount is more than a year comes to about $ 720. On top of that search results are relevant for you, so it's a win-win situation.

7. I started using AdSense for feeds

Another product I decided to try AdSense AdSense for feeds has been one. I have chosen to display ads on sites less than my knowledge (you can also put them on top, but this would be too intrusive in my opinion). Here the results were quite good, both in CTR and earnings.

You obviously need a large number of RSS subscribers to do the job, but I think even a few thousand subscribers, which can make $ 100 a month for feed ads.

8. I played the section targeting

Section targeting is a feature of AdSense that allows you to offer specific sections of your site to be used when matching ads. You can read more about it here.I found the niche and small websites can target section using a lot. Fair was to show Google ads on these independent sites, because there was not enough pages. After using the section targeting, I have managed to increase ad relevance and therefore CTR.

9. I tested with different colors and fonts

If you have enabled image ads and text on your devices, you must be able to customize the colors and fonts. I did some experiments with these two factors, and this helped to increase the number. Nothing dramatic, but it was well worth my time.

You just have to follow your CTR for a few weeks. Then change the color or the font and follow for one week, see if you can beat the original CTR. If you can, keep the new format. If performance dropped, try a new color or font, and track the CTR for another week until you find the optimal combination.

On my sites the best results came to ad units merge with the look of the site, but some sites with contrasting colors are better, so testing is a must.