Wednesday, 22 June 2011

All About Adsense Link Units

If you are an AdSense user, chances are you use link units - most people use Adsense link units today. Also, chances are you're not as much money as you want to be made out of them. Link units are a completely different ball game from that of ad units - the way they work is different, as where to put, if you want more clicks, you can get, and therefore the highest income you can possibly get. They are not as easy to play, in my opinion, as units announcement. Your CPC is generally lower, then your overall CTR.

Link units look promising:
In fact, most units look like a link to a kind of menu. Some websites that are fully integrated to blend with the rest of the menus - so that users click on a link unit as easy as clicking on any menu item.
It was found that the use of a set of links closer to the beginning of the page makes it look like the menu bar so that will significantly improve the rate of clicks, even if you put a link to the same unit closer to the center the page, it is perhaps not without influence and attract clicks at all.

Liaison units are neat and compact:
Link units are probably the easiest to integrate the aspect of your AdSense ads on your site. There are a number of sizes of these units, so make up your mind and try.

Link units offer:
In essence, the link units are the key words - more relevant to the current content, according to Google. And clicking on any of these words will bring more relevant search results to click. Visitors see the keywords and immediately get an idea of ​​what kind of links you get when you click on the link units.

Link units are overloaded with descriptions URL:
This is probably one of the most important things to understand about AdSense link units. I think not tried the connection points at first because of this. I do not understand why visitors would click on some keywords that have a clue, but no precise information on what results you get. But then I noticed that this also works the other attraction - people click on the link units just because they do not know how good or bad results, you will receive. On the contrary, when they see the full text of the ad, read the description of the link, and you can immediately decide not to follow the link, he will not visit a particular site. But the link unit, they must click to get a list of URLs to their descriptions

Link units are a different:
When users click on the link units, they get a page with relevant ads in a kind of Google search results. This list of URL's not like an ad at all - it is a form of a list of potentially useful resources that your visitors will find useful. I think there is something psychological behind this performance announcements, as users seem more willing to click on these advertisements in relation to how the standard run AdSense ads.

It 's all today. Congratulations AdSense experiments